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Learn more about how AIA supports you and your clients, through innovative products and service.

Our sales, underwriting and administration teams are ready in every state to help you with your insurance and business planning needs. We can also provide you with expert advice and answers to any urgent enquiries. Our mission is to give you the support you need in all aspects of your business, wherever you are in Australia.

How we help you

We use leading technology

We work hard to be an innovator in market technology. We’ve pioneered solutions across e-quotation, e-application and web-based workflow tracking. Our goal is to make applying for and administering policies as quick and as straightforward as possible.

Tools to help you

We’ve made the process of completing a quote and submitting an application easy. All active advisers can use our simple and easy online tool, eApp® Express, by logging in to our Adviser Site. For more information on the quoting and application process, download the How To Use eApp® Express Guide.

As your client’s authorised financial adviser, you can also accept the Special Acceptance Terms (SAT) on behalf of your client over the phone if they have given you authority at the application stage. Find out more about Tele-Special Acceptance Terms on behalf of your clients.

The Adviser Site is where you can manage a range of policies and reports to suits your needs. Get more information on our products and their benefits, plus online reporting to monitor your applications.

Log in to the Adviser Site.

To apply for AIA Guaranteed Annuities, or for information on Investment Growth Bond, as well as to track the progress of in-force policies and manage existing Tailored Protection (previously CommInsure Protection) customer policy lists, please log in using your current Colonial Mutual Life Assurance (CMLA) log in details.

If you are not registered as a CMLA Adviser, you will need to register with us. For details on how to register please refer to the ‘New advisers’ section of the AIA Adviser Portal login page.

Alternatively, please fill out our New Authorised Representative form and send to

You will receive a new adviser number in due course.

Log in to the Adviser Portal

We believe in providing flexibility for you and your client – that’s why you can choose for AIA Australia to complete a tele-interview with your client in order to fill out the application.

Download the Tele-Application Data Collection Form or the Tele-Application Guide for your clients. 

This service allows you to make changes to address and payment details directly into your clients’ policies. Any updates to client policies made on the self-service portal go directly into our policy administration system, with no further processing needed. Confirmation letters to clients are generated automatically as part of the process.

Find out more on how to register and get started with Adviser Self-Service.

AIA Australia provides a datafeed facility for both Xplan, Adviser Logic and Coin. This daily feed contains client and policy details associated with your adviser code, and will be made available to you in your planning software tool. To access the datafeed, navigate to the datafeed registration page on our Adviser Site and select the relevant option. Once registered with us, you will be able to access a quick reference guide showing you the steps you need to follow on your planning tool to complete the registration process. Please note, this is not available for previous CommInsure products.

The Business Growth Hub provides you with the tools to build your business and help you make strategic decisions in the areas of optimisation, product and service, fee for advice, client insights, AIA Vitality and technical support.

Visit the Business Growth Hub

MyQuote is the quotation application tool that generates fast, simple and on the spot Guaranteed Annuities quotes.

Log in to the Adviser Portal

Track the progress of in-force policies and manage existing Tailored Protection (previously CommInsure Protection) customer policy lists with our online tool, MyClient.

Log in to the Adviser Portal


Information about our claims philosophy, which is all about paying valid claims in a timely manner, assessing each one on its merits and being genuine in our approach.

We get people back to work faster

Our focus is on rehabilitation, and we’ll work in partnership with medical practitioners and employers to help claimants to return to work. 

An assessment of an individual’s social situation, psychological factors and other health conditions, helps to ensure we draw on best practice to achieve success. 

With 111 years of combined occupational rehabilitation experience, our experienced team includes occupational therapists, rehabilitation counsellors, a physiotherapist, and registered nurse.


You need underwriting to be quick, painless and tailored to the individual needs of your clients. We get that.

We offer you direct access to our team of expert underwriters for explanations and assistance. Together they’ll help you navigate large and complex cases through the underwriting process.

We’re also in the unique position to be able to offer you a pre-assessment form. Meaning as you identify any potential issues with your client’s circumstances, you can position any alteration of terms sooner.

For us, it’s about common sense and looking for innovative solutions and alternatives, while ensuring we’re transparent, flexible and competitive. It’s also about treating each client on an individual basis, taking into account their unique circumstances.

Download the How To Use Our Underwriting Tools Guide or, for further support, contact our underwriting team.


Weekly Commissions

To help you receive more regular income and improve the cash flow of your business, we process commission payments weekly. This means money in your back pocket, more often. Commission payments occur weekly, on every Thursday (excluding EOFY and end of calendar year). Please note that commissions for all previous CommInsure products are paid fortnightly.

Payment Of Commission While Waiting On Rollovers

AIA Australia will pay your commission upfront rather than waiting to receive the initial premium from the client’s complying superannuation rollover payment. Commission will only be advanced for 15% rebate policies paid for via rollover benefit transfer from a compliant fund. If, for whatever reason, the policy does not go ahead we will recoup the funds in subsequent commission runs as per our standard claw back process. We know that sometimes rollovers can take some time to complete, and so will allow 120 days from the commencement of the policy before we cancel and commence the claw back process. Please note that a policy schedule will not be sent to your client until the policy is in force, and the premium has been received.