Tele-special acceptance terms on behalf of your clients

AIA Australia allows you, as the client’s authorised financial adviser, to accept Special Acceptance Terms (SAT) on behalf of your client over the phone.
The ‘Declaration and Privacy Notification’ section of eApp Express allows your client to give you authority at the application stage.
For all applications you have an obligation to:
  • ensure your client has a copy of the terms
  • discuss the terms with them, and
  • ensure that they have accepted the terms
The client must provide approval for you to accept the SAT on their behalf and confirm that you have completed their Duty to take reasonable care (via the client declaration form included in the Application form).
To accept the SAT on your client's behalf, you can contact the Tele-Application team on 1800 730 349 from Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm.