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AIA Vitality Status

Earning points contributes to your AIA Vitality Status - Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

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The higher your Status, the greater the rewards.


Up to $500 each year in Shopping Rewards
Cash back on eligible domestic and international flights, and more.

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Go all in on cycling and be rewarded.

How do I earn points

Know your health

Earn points by getting to know your health
See below for terms and conditions

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Improve your health

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Make continuous progress on your overall health and wellbeing and earn points at the same time.

Examples of ways to earn points

AIA Vitality Points are dependent on engagement with the program.
Please see terms and conditions below for more details.

Check out the full list of benefits and partners

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How AIA Vitality is essential to the AIA vision

We are helping people live healthier, longer, better lives. 

At AIA Australia, our dream is to champion Australia to be one of the healthiest and best protected nations in the world. As a life, health and wellbeing insurer, we see the devastating impact that chronic health conditions can have on Australians and their families. A greater focus on prevention and early intervention is required to prevent conditions from developing in the first place, and to prevent existing conditions from deteriorating further. The 5590+ framework shows us that by focusing on and improving five modifiable behavioural risk factors – physical inactivity, poor nutrition, smoking, excess alcohol and our interaction with the environment – we can assist to prevent five major non-communicable diseases – cancer, diabetes, respiratory diseases, heart disease and mental health conditions and disorders.
In line with our purpose to make a difference in people’s lives, we are seeking to reimagine life and health insurance. We believe it is our social responsibility to move away from simply being a payer of claims, to partner with our customers and Australians more broadly, to help them lead healthier, longer, better lives. Our world-leading, science-backed health and wellbeing program AIA Vitality provides education and motivation for our customers to better understand their own health and to make small changes where needed to improve it.

How AIA Vitality is part of our commitment to the reduction of non-communicable diseases in Australia

AIA Vitality is a world-leading, science-backed health and wellbeing program that is central to AIA Australia’s focus on helping people live healthier, longer, better lives.

The program applies behavioural economic principles to educate, empower and incentivise members to understand their health and make lifestyle changes with the aim of decreasing their risk of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

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