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Personal advice can address various aspects of your financial wellbeing, including finding the right insurance protection for your needs, sorting your superannuation, and savings and investment plans to build your wealth. We take into account your whole life picture to create a plan and help you make confident financial decisions, big or small.

Here’s a snapshot of the types of personal financial advice we can offer:

Our approved product list

You will have access to a range of product providers and advice from our qualified financial planners, ensuring that you are treated efficiently, honestly and fairly and provided quality advice that is tailored to your objectives and needs.

Your financial planner recommends products based on our Approved Product List (APL). We conduct the research to find a product that suits you. If there isn’t a product on our APL that’s appropriate for you, we have a process for considering other products that may be appropriate.

We review the products available on our APL from time to time, and the current APL (as at 9 January 2023) is as follows: