Priority Protection

Life Cover

What is this product about?

The shock that comes when someone passes away, or is diagnosed with a terminal illness, places great pressure on family and loved ones. Grief and loss are hard enough to cope with, without the financial worries that can come with an illness or death.

Priority Protection Life Cover helps protect your loved ones if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness or pass away.

AIA Australia has prepared a Target Market Determination which describes the class of consumers that comprise the target market for this product. The Target Market Determination can be sourced at

What does this provide?

Insurance lingo explained

This is the amount you are covered for. This is stated on your policy schedule.

This is a single, large claim payment.

Health events covered are:
- Cancer events (e.g. skin cancer)
- Coronary events (e.g. heart attack)
- Other serious crisis events (e.g. major head trauma)

Do you want additional peace of mind?

Additional options are available for you to customise your cover to make sure it suits your individual needs.

Customise your cover

Life Cover can also be offered through your superannuation (either through a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) or the AIA Insurance Super Scheme No2).

Two options are available: