Getting started with Adviser Self-Service

Adviser Self-Service allows you to make changes to address and payment details directly into your clients’ policies. Any updates to client policies made on the self-service portal go directly into our policy administration system, with no further processing needed. Confirmation letters to clients are generated automatically as part of the process.

Registering for adviser self-service

To use this feature both you, and each of your clients, will first need to sign the Financial Adviser Authorisation Form allowing you to make changes on their behalf. You can also find the form on the Adviser Site under Procedures & Forms > Adviser Forms & Documents.
Return a signed copy of the form to Once we receive the form we will update our systems to allow you to make updates for your client.

Using adviser self-service

Follow the steps below to access this new service:
  1. Simply log on to the Adviser Site and click ‘Self-Service’ to enter the Self-Service portal
  2. Enter the client name or policy number in the search function and, where you have authority, you will see an ‘Update’ button next to the policy holder’s address, credit card and bank details
  3. Click on this button to bring up a new window where you can amend their details as necessary
For detailed instructions on how to use these new features, a User Guide is available by clicking ‘Help’ at any stage in the process, or download a copy of the Adviser Self-Service User Guide now.