The New AIA Vitality Silver Status Reward Payment

Earn $500* when your client achieves AIA Vitality Silver Status in 6 months.

From 1 April 2024, when a new AIA Priority Protection insured activates their AIA Vitality membership and reaches Silver Status (10,000 AIA Vitality Points) within 6 months of the policy commencing*, we will pay:

*Qualifying members must achieve Silver Status within six months of the risk commencement date of the AIAA Priority Protection policy to which their AIA Vitality membership was attached or six months from the commencement of their AIA Vitality membership, whichever is the later.

Why is AIA Australia offering this reward?

AIA Vitality's impact in Australia

AIA Australia engaged RAND Europe for an independent study using Australian AIA Vitality data. The study examined the impact of this program on our members' health outcomes.
Data was collected for the period September 2013 to July 2022
This initiative highlights our dedication to empower more Australians to live healthier, longer, better lives.
AIA Vitality Impact data from RAND, AIA Vitality in Australia Research Report. Find out more in The AIA Vitality Program in Australia report.

Need more information?

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