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Switching to AIA Health is easy. You can join online or call us on 131 141 to speak with our health insurance specialists who can review and compare your current cover. We’ll take care of the rest with your previous fund and honour any waiting periods served.

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Private health insurance allows you to be treated in hospital as a private patient with a doctor of your choice. Your policy will determine what you’re covered for, it can also help pay for health care costs that aren’t covered under Medicare like optical and physiotherapy.
By holding private health insurance, it might mean you don’t have to pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS)
To access private health insurance, you need to buy a policy from a registered insurer like AIA Health and pay regular premiums to stay covered.    

The MLS is simply an extra tax that people above a certain income threshold have to pay if they don't have eligible private hospital cover. It's calculated in three tiers for singles and couples/families. You can find out more about that here.

The Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading is a Government loading on your private hospital cover premiums. It was introduced on 1 July 2000, to encourage people to take out private hospital cover earlier in life and encourage them to maintain it. LHC is a 2% loading on top of your premium for every year you don't have hospital cover after you turn 30. The maximum loading is 70%. You can find out more here.

A waiting period is the time you’ll need to serve as a member before being able to make a claim for a service included under your policy.
Waiting periods apply for:
  • Members new to private health insurance, whether part of a new membership or being added to an existing membership.
  • Upgraded services for existing members increasing their level of cover.
  • Transferring members upgrading their level of cover or where waiting periods had not been served with their previous fund.
If you transferred form another health insurer without a break in cover, you do not need to re-serve hospital waiting periods you’ve previously completed. However, if you’re adding or upgrading your hospital cover, you need to complete waiting periods for the new or upgraded items. This includes reducing a hospital excess.

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