AIA Webinar Series - Navigating Menopause

7 December 2023 dot  3 min read

AIA Australia recently addressed the impact of menopause on individuals and workplaces in a webinar supporting World Menopause Day that received an overwhelmingly positive response.

We want to continue the conversation about menopause, specifically around comprehensive health coverage, and its importance for individuals, employers, and the workforce.
Menopause, a natural life stage affecting females and some transgender or non-binary individuals, calls for a more holistic assessment of health coverage. Typically occurring between 45 and 55, with around 80% of individuals experiencing symptoms, it is essential to understand the function of tailored insurance solutions during this transitional period.
Menopause often coincides with critical career stages, particularly for women entering leadership roles. Recognising this intersection, we emphasise the significance of addressing menopause in the workplace. This aligns with the Australian Government's focus on prioritising women's health during this life stage, highlighting the need for employers to support their workforce through comprehensive health coverage.
Our insurance lens underscores the comprehensive management of menopause, considering symptoms, chronic disease risks, and lifestyle factors. Employers play a crucial role in supporting their workforce, and our tailored coverage and support aims to contribute to a seamless experience for employees navigating menopause.
Acknowledging mixed perceptions around Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT), we consider its nuanced impact and its beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system in younger or early postmenopausal women. This reflects the evolving medical insights crucial for employers seeking comprehensive health coverage solutions for their workforce.
Beyond providing comprehensive insurance coverage, we partner with organisations like the Australasian Menopause Society (AMS) to raise awareness and help end the stigma surrounding such an important life stage. Employers, in turn, can foster safe workplaces that encourage open discussions about menopause. This not only contributes to an inclusive environment but also ensures that employees experiencing menopausal symptoms receive the same level of support as those managing any ongoing health condition. Recognising and addressing menopause-related challenges demonstrates a commitment to employee health, productivity, and a supportive workplace culture.
For more information for employers and employees looking to understand and support team members going through menopause, please see our Menopause Toolkit.

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We aim to redefine industry standards by continuing to contribute to the development of workplace cultures that prioritise the health and wellbeing of all employees at all stages of life. With this in mind, we will continue to support employers with webinars and education around preventative health measures in the workplace in our 2024 Webinar Series.