AIA Claims Uplift Project

6 December 2023 dot  3 min read

At AIA Australia, we acknowledge the pivotal role that super funds and insurers play in ensuring positive member outcomes.

That's why we're investing in uplifting our claims platform, enhancing, and streamlining the claims experience for our members.  

The purpose of this journey

We are committed to simplifying and the claims management process, reducing administrative burdens for both members and staff. Our aim is to make navigating through claims simple and efficient. Proactive engagement is key. Members will remain well-informed through simple, relevant communication, ensuring they are empowered and supported through every step in their claims journey. We will deliver streamlined, relevant content to engage and educate customers, enhancing their understanding of insurance policies and the claims process.  

What you can expect

We have expanded the existing digital claims journey, providing the ability for members to submit, track and manage their claims throughout the entire claims lifecycle from notification all the way through to claim decision.
 A user-friendly platform has designed to allow real time updates on the status of a claim, with the ability for members to upload documentation instantaneously into AIA’s workflow.  
 Integrated digital ID verification will allow members to verify their identify immediately, with the aim to reduce the time and effort to lodge a claim.  

Solicitors, carers, and other third-party representatives will have the capability to efficiently handle and track claims on behalf of members, and will have secure digital access via ForgeRock, which will be utilised to manage secure sign on procedures via Multi-factor Authentication capability. 

Improvements to the digital customer journey

Our vision is a cutting-edge digital claims platform providing real-time visibility to members, solicitors, and third parties’ throughout the claims journey. Through the uplift of our digital claims experience, we expect positive improvements to APRA time to decision, improved operating efficiencies for both AIA and super funds, and a simple and easy to use platform for members and their third parties during what can be the most vulnerable time of their lives. 

What’s next?

We look forward to sharing further details with you early in the new year, we are aiming to launch this by the end of Q1 – together, we’re excited to set industry leading benchmarks when it comes to member outcomes.