Building better teams with a sporting mindset – The Sporting Academy

6 October 2023 dot  3 min read

AIA Australia strives to help all our customers live healthier, longer, better lives through our shared value approach to insurance.

Shared Value is a framework that creates business solutions to social and environmental problems. This framework empowers us to harness our resources, skills, and innovation to develop customer-led life, health, and wellbeing propositions that deliver value to AIA, our customers, our partners, and society. That’s why we’ve partnered with The Sporting Academy.

About The Sporting Academy

The Sporting Academy is a passion-based education provider led by former AFL Champion, Alex Rance. Their tagline is ‘Build better teams with a sporting mindset. We connect the heartbeat to the c-suite.’
Alex Rance’s dedication to personal and professional development goes beyond just providing training and coaching services through The Sporting Academy. He strongly believes that both mental and physical fitness are key components of peak performance and has made it a priority to incorporate these elements into all corporate training programs. 
Alex’s commitment to continuous learning is also evident in his hands-on approach, often running workshops himself to give his clients an insight into what it takes to become an elite performer. Through his experience as a leader on and off the field, Alex has gained a deep understanding of what it takes to create and sustain high-performing environments. 

Corporate Programs

Designed for organisations who want to take their culture and connectivity to the next level, all The Sporting Academy programs are built around four pillars:
  • Grow Your Mind 
  • Strengthen Your Body 
  • Track Your Success
  • Build Your Tribe


Offering half-day workshops delivered by Alex Rance, The Sporting Academy supports organisations to better understand their mission, vision, and values. This is where you’ll learn to connect the heartbeat to the c-suite. Their workshops are designed for all roles, levels, and experiences across an organisation. Through these workshops, you will gain the tools to connect and build better teams using a sporting mindset.

AIA Vitality Assessments

Available as an extension to a half-day workshop, AIA Vitality Assessments double-down on The Sporting Academy’s pillars and adds a physical element that provides participants with a baseline health and wellness profile.  These assessments help participants chart a course to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life by embedding The Sporting Academy’s pillars into their day-to-day activities. 
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