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AIA and Pain Revolution

About Pain Revolution

Pain Revolution is a collaboration of researchers, clinicians, people with lived experience, and peak bodies aiming to give all Australians the knowledge, skills, and support to prevent and overcome persistent pain. They do this through an annual bike riding outreach event where local health professionals – or ‘Pain Educators’ – work directly in the community and support other doctors, physiotherapists, and health professionals in education and treatment of persistent pain.
The challenge we face
  • 1 in 5 Australians live with chronic pain, and 44% of these people will experience depression or anxiety as a result1
  • 40% of early retirement in Australia is due to chronic pain2
  • Tragically, chronic pain has also been found to be a common contributing factor in many suicides3.
Our partnership
Our partnership with Pain Revolution has changed the way we support customers with chronic pain, as well as the education we provide to Australians to live healthier, longer, better lives.
Together, we work with Employers to provide  educational material on chronic pain, the associated health impacts, and ways to manage and prevent it.


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