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AIA and Ending Loneliness Together

About Ending Loneliness Together

Ending Loneliness Together (ELT) is a national network of organisations and individuals united to address the growing problem of loneliness. Loneliness is often thought to be an experience that only affects older people or those who are physically isolated. However, it is clear now with robust scientific evidence that loneliness occurs across all ages, genders, and demographics1.
One in three experienced problematic levels of loneliness2. With loneliness growing in Australia, this presents a looming health challenge requiring urgent attention.
ELT hopes to lift the stigma of loneliness and increase national recognition of loneliness as a health emergency so that more Australians have access to appropriate support.
They do this by raising awareness and educating communities about loneliness and its impacts on health, wellbeing, and productivity.
The challenge we face 
  • 1 in 3 Australians are lonely3
  • People facing problematic loneliness have a 26% greater risk of premature death4
  • Those experiencing severe loneliness are 17 times more likely to have made a suicide attempt in the last year5.
Our partnership

AIA and ELT provide evidence-based education to customers and partners about loneliness, its impacts on population health, wellbeing, and productivity, and where to get support. Together, we work with Employers to provide educational material on loneliness, the associated health impacts, and ways to prevent it.
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