The Power of Social Connection

AIA Insights Report
March 2022

Discovering how social connection contributes to health and wellbeing

The implementation of lockdowns and social distancing measures during the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the prevalence of mental disorders globally, with the number of people living with depressive and anxiety disorders increasing by more than a quarter in 2020.
The almost two years spent in collective social isolation created a unique opportunity for AIA Australia to understand the role that social connection plays in contributing to mental wellbeing. With the aim to assess and apply these insights, we can improve the mental wellbeing of the population and consider these needs in addition to their physical health.
The Power of Social Connection looks at the insights gained from the early pandemic years, and how we can harness social connection to promote and protect mental and physical wellbeing. It also examines the role that programs and organisations play to improve social connection and broader mental wellbeing.