AIA Insights Report

Kids’ Health and Wellbeing in Australia

October 2022

Helping children to lead healthier, longer, better lives

At AIA, we are on a mission to help children be their happiest and healthiest selves. Along with launching the AIA Healthiest Schools Program, we’ve also published this paper to look at factors that help support good health and wellbeing from an early age.
We know there are five modifiable behaviours that are responsible for most chronic diseases and associated deaths among adults in Australia. For children, we have an opportunity to create healthy habits from an early age, as well as create healthy environments for children to grow up in, which will support them in having good health. As we know, childhood is an important time for healthy development and learning, and for establishing the foundations of future wellbeing.
This paper looks at the factors that we can seek to influence in children to help them lead healthier, longer, better lives across four pillars – Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well, and Live Well.