AIA Insights Report

5590 +

July 2021

The latest health insight helping Australians lead Healthier, Longer, Better lives

Until recently, it was accepted that four modifiable behaviours – physical inactivity, poor nutrition, smoking and excess alcohol – led to four major non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – cancer, diabetes, respiratory and heart diseases. Each year these NCDs are responsible for 90 per cent of deaths in Australia.
In keeping with the latest evidence and data on global disease, AIA Australia has updated 4490 that is, four modifiable behavioural risk factors leading to four NCDs that caused 90 per cent of Australian deaths, to 5590+. This revision includes a fifth NCD: mental health conditions and disorders, and a fifth modifiable behavioural risk factor: our interaction with the environment.
By incorporating and acknowledging this health insight into our ecosystem of products, services and partnerships, we are contributing to the critically important work of improving health outcomes and helping Australians lead healthier, longer, better lives, through the prevention of five major non-communicable diseases and a focus on the modifiable behavioural risks that underpin these.