AIA Insights Report

AIA Vitality Wellbeing Index

May 2020

AIA’s inaugural report into the wellbeing of Australians and the 4-4-90 model

The AIA Vitality Wellbeing Index, published in May 2020, is AIA’s inaugural report looking into the wellbeing of Australians centred on the 4-4-90 model. This model demonstrates how four behaviours – physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, smoking, and excess alcohol – impact four non-communicable diseases – respiratory and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer – which lead to 90 percent of premature deaths in Australia.
The AIA Vitality Wellbeing Index is a snapshot of Australia’s health and wellbeing as of 2020 and was compiled to better understand the nation’s lifestyle behaviours and how they influenced its overall health. As part of this report, we identified opportunities for change and development – highlighting a few of the many incredible initiatives that helped to improve Australia’s health and wellbeing.