Rehabilitation success story – Meet Roger!

29 April 2024 dot  2 mins read
While a claims payment can provide financial support, rehabilitation services provide personal wellbeing support. Would your client’s benefit?
As an insurer, we can provide clients with more than just financial support, we provide the support.
See how Roger got the support he needed to get back on his feet.
Meet Roger!
Roger* a 56 year old male ceased working in Information Technology due to the onset of depression and anxiety impacting his ability to remain employed as a Consultant. When speaking with AIA, Roger expressed an interest in engaging in AIA’s RESTORE program aimed at improving his wellbeing and work readiness. 
At the time of the referral, Roger was not engaged in any additional treatment apart from consultations with his General Practitioner. He stated that he required support with approaching his General Practitioner for on-referrals to a Psychiatrist and Psychologist. Roger also reported struggling to complete basic activities of daily living. The Rehabilitation Provider worked closely with Roger to support activity and lifestyle prescription, with a focus on ensuring that he was able to complete activities of daily living as well as activities that supported his wellness, quality of life and work readiness. 
As the program progressed, Roger returned to modified hours within his business and worked closely with the Rehabilitation Provider to implement strategies to support his return to work. He was able to sustain part-time hours at work at the closure of the program, and provided the following feedback about the rehabilitation services provided:
“When I realised I cannot recover by my own efforts alone, but actually do need professional help, it became apparent to me really quickly that I am truly grateful for this service provided by AIA. Without the rehab support, I would simply still be stuck in my condition. The rehab support has saved me, my family and my work.

How on earth can I say thank you enough? I can live again with hope.…So I closed my eyes and jumped in, hoped for the best, taking up the offer of rehab. Well, as it turns out, they under sold it - it was the very thing I absolutely needed, way better than I could have ever imagined. It saved me”
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*The name in this story have been changed for privacy purposes.