Rehabilitation success story – Meet John!

7 December 2023 dot 2 mins read
As an adviser, you want to help your clients achieve their financial goals and protect their assets.
When it comes to claim time, their biggest asset may be themselves and at AIA Australia, we offer a rehabilitation service that goes beyond the claims payout they may be entitled to, which gives them more options and a chance to get better.
This month we’re highlighting a claimant who went through the rehabilitation service and was able to get back to work.
Meet John!
John* worked in Construction throughout his career; however, in late 2022 he was required to cease work due to the impacts of his Arthritis. At the time of engagement with the AIA Rehabilitation Team John expressed frustration with his treatment to date, noting that he had seen no demonstrable improvements in his function that would support his goal of returning to work.
John was subsequently referred to a Rehabilitation Provider that specialised in pain education and pacing, as well as work hardening to assist with building his capacity to engage in activities of living, hobbies, and a return to work.
The Rehabilitation Provider worked collaboratively on providing education on the impact that physical, emotional, and circumstantial stress can play on his pain, how to manage his condition and provided a tailored exercise program. Throughout the program, John was motivated to return to employment, and proactively engaged with each part of the program.
John was able to return to his usual employment in construction and indicated he had developed strategies to manage his ongoing function.
At the culmination of the program John advised:
“It was great to be able to discuss pain that I believed I had no control over with someone who would listen, had a far better understanding than myself and assisted with the tools to manage the pain…the most valuable part of the program was being able to talk to someone who understood what I am going through and provided context to the situation”
If you would like to find out more about our Rehabilitation services, please reach out to your Client Development Manager or Sales Support team.
*The name in this story have been changed for privacy purposes.