Rehabilitation success story – Meet Diane!

21 November 2023 dot 2 mins read
If you’ve been out of action due to illness or injury, getting back in the workforce can be a hard task on your own. Evidence shows that the earlier you embark on a recovery and return to work program, the more likely you’ll be to succeed.
This is where the team at AIA Australia play an important role. Our rehabilitation consultants can offer your clients proactive, practical and solution focused support. We can assist your client to access the help they need to recover and to coordinate their recovery journey, at no cost to them.
Meet Diane!
Diane* was employed full-time as a Director when she experienced the onset of mental health symptoms causing her to be unfit for employment. At the time of referral Diane indicated that she wanted support to manage her routine and explore activities that were meaningful and would build her confidence to consider a return to work in the future.
Diane was subsequently referred for a wellbeing and work readiness program with a Rehabilitation Provider who worked with her to engage in a structured routine, and activities outside of the home that would build her confidence, capacity and improve her wellbeing. As a part of the service Diane also completed a functional upgrading program with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist that used personalised goal setting to improve Diane’s routine, incorporating self-care strategies.
Diane achieved her wellbeing goals and had a clear self-management plan and strategies in place to manage her health and wellbeing following the program. Diane has confirmed that she will reach out for further support once she is ready to start her return-to-work journey.
Diane provided the below feedback at the end of her program:
The rehabilitation provider and AIA Rehabilitation Consultant worked so hard to support me in difficult circumstances. I could not have navigated things without the Rehabilitation Provider, and I am extremely grateful for the support she provided…I have no suggestions. Just very grateful”
If you would like to find out more about our Rehabilitation services, please reach out to your Client Development Manager or Sales Support team.
*The name in this story have been changed for privacy purposes.