24 hours to Silver Status and $500 member payment

28 May 2024 dot  2 mins read
On 1 April 2024 we launched our new AIA Vitality Silver Status reward which pays $500 to eligible AIA Vitality members and their advisers when a new AIA Priority Protection insured activates their AIA Vitality membership and reaches Silver Status (10,000 AIA Vitality Points) within 6 months of the policy commencing*.
Within the first week of launching this new reward one adviser shared how their client had reached Silver Status within 24 hours and were both eligible for the $500 member and adviser payment. 

Breaking down the 24 hours

"Last week we implemented the advice recommendation for one of my clients for an AIA Priority Protection policy with AIA Vitality, I informed her of the recent launch of the 'AIA Vitality Silver Status Rewards $500' and articulated to them how to achieve this."
Getting to Silver Status is easy. Here's three activities that could help your clients:
  1. Completing four self-assessments on the AIA Vitality App - up to 3,750 points
  2. Completing a FREE AIA Vitality Health Check when using our pharmacy partners - up to 7,000 points

  3. Completing a Bulk Billed Eye Check - 1,000 points
"Once the application was completed, I organised a time to meet and run through the set up for the AIA Vitality App, showed her how to complete the online assessments and left this as a homework to do that evening, also (on the spot) we booked a time for her to get a general health check-up so she could go the next day!"
Our General Health checks can be done through participating TerryWhite or Amcal pharmacies and can be booked via the AIA Vitality app.
The online assessments can also be completed via the AIA Vitality app by clicking on the 'Get Points' tab and completing each assessment.
"She actually went ahead and visited the participating AIA Vitality chemist we booked, and in less than 24 hours from our catch up she messaged me saying 'I have 10,500 points!!' which means 'Silver' Status and we're now eligible for that $500 cashback."
*Subject to Terms and Conditions. Different qualifying criteria for other member scenarios also apply - please refer to the Member Terms and Conditions and Adviser Terms and Conditions of this offer for full details. Qualifying members must achieve Silver Status within six months of the risk commencement date of the AIAA Priority Protection policy to which their AIA Vitality membership was attached or six months from the commencement of their AIA Vitality membership, whichever is the later.