Apple Watch Insights

14 February 2022 dot 5 mins read

Introduction of Active Benefits and Apple Watch Benefit

Life and health insurer AIA Australia has released new data that shows members of its wellbeing program that use Apple Watch have increased their physical activity by up to 51 per cent in a year.
Since July 2020, members of the AIA Vitality program have had the opportunity to earn an Apple Watch by reaching weekly physical activity targets. Members who choose to take up the benefit receive the Apple Watch upfront and can then reduce their monthly payments to zero by meeting physical activity goals.
AIA Australia has found that the rich health and wellbeing insights Apple Watch users gain, combined with the behavioural science principle of “loss aversion” that has been utilised in the design of the benefit, has led to significant improvements in physical activity.
When comparing physical activity in 2019 and 2020 for those who took up AIA Vitality’s Apple Watch benefit last year, AIA Australia has seen activity increase by 35 per cent on average. The age group with the most significant improvement in physical activity was those 50 years and older, who saw a 51 per cent increase.