AIA Australia partners with Marika Day's new online nutrition platform, fuelled

27 June 2022 dot 7 mins read
AIA Vitality ambassador, Marika Day, is on a mission to redefine our definition of  'healthy'
Melbourne, 27 June 2022 – Leading life, health and wellbeing insurer AIA Australia has partnered with fuelled, a new online nutrition platform that dismantles diet culture and aims to educate Australians on how to have a holistic, balanced approach when it comes to healthy eating.
AIA Vitality Ambassador and Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist Marika Day created fuelled to channel her passion for health and mental wellbeing with the aim of redefining the meaning of 'healthy.’ 
Day has spent the last eight years educating and empowering change in the nutrition industry, breaking down myths and misconceptions when it comes to 'crash' diet culture and providing Australians with a holistic alternative that will support them to lead healthier, longer, better lives.
Supported by AIA Vitality - AIA's own digital health and wellbeing program - fuelled will focus on providing education and guidance on positive mental health, nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. Unique to other existing platforms, fuelled does not encourage users to view diet and exercise as a way to change their body shape. Rather, its objective is to help users ensure that they nourish the body they have through meal planning, mood tracking, a sleep cycle, and mindfulness mediations to build confidence and reduce stress.
"Fuelled was born out of a reoccurring theme I saw across my clients – women with warped relationships with food and their body, thinking that a diet would solve their problem and make them 'healthy'," said Day.
"I knew I needed to do something to change this narrative – our wellbeing shouldn't be defined by our shape and size. Instead, we should be learning how to work with our bodies, to fuel them with what they truly need and build the confidence and freedom to make flexible diet and lifestyle choices that are all about balance," she added.
"Fuelled has been designed so that it can be seamlessly integrated into people's lives – rather than asking users to make unrealistic sacrifices we ask them to learn about their own body and mind to find the path that will work for their lifestyle."
Damien Mu, CEO of AIA Australia, said that Day's mission to promote a balanced approach to health and wellbeing strongly aligns with AIA Australia's All or Something campaign, which launched earlier this year and was spearheaded by AIA Vitality Ambassadors, Ash Barty and Stephanie Gilmore. 

"At AIA Australia we have a dream to champion Australia to be the healthiest and best protected nation in the world. The All or Something mindset promotes small positive lifestyle decisions that can help Australians improve their physical and mental health.
"By approaching health and wellbeing in a balanced manner, we can make sustainable and positive changes that can help Australians reduce their risk of non-communicable diseases and lead a more fulfilling life. I'm thrilled that AIA Australia is supporting fuelled. This digital platform will allow Australians to receive relevant and meaningful guidance that will have a positive impact on their lives," said Mu.
fuelled by Marika Day launches on 2nd June 2022 and can be download from to a computer or smart phone.
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AIA Australia's 5590+ report
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