AIA Australia partners with estate planning solution Your Wills to provide holistic protection

29 April 2021 dot 5 mins read
29 April 2021. Leading life and health insurer AIA Australia has expanded its focus on protecting the financial wellbeing of its more than 3.8 million customers, through an exclusive partnership with online Wills and estate planning service, Your Wills.
The partnership will provide AIA Australia's life and health insurance customers with the ability to quickly and easily access a digital platform to obtain a Will, allowing them to ensure their assets are protected for the future.
Your Wills is an Australian company that focuses on Wills and financial wellbeing by simplifying the estate planning process and empowering individuals to invest in asset protection for their loved ones.
AIA Australia CEO and Managing Director Damien Mu said he was excited about the opportunity for customers: "Our dream is to champion Australia to be one of the healthiest and best protected nations in the world. Working with Your Wills means that our customers can look holistically at their protection needs, so that they can be prepared for their future, which allows them to focus on enjoying the present.
"At AIA, we help people protect their greatest asset – themselves and their families – with life and health insurance, and the flip side of that is ensuring they have a Will to take care of everything after they are gone," Mr Mu said.
The latest data suggests approximately 10 million Australians do not have a legal Will. This is consistent with global data that suggests in countries like the UK, USA and parts of Asia, as many as 60 per cent of the adult population do not have a legally binding Will.1
Your Wills noted that many Australians that do have a Will, may not be able to locate a copy or find their Will is outdated. Just like insurance, a Will needs to be reviewed regularly to ensure it represents the client's current circumstances.
Your Wills CEO Aruna Wickremasingha welcomed the new partnership with AIA Australia, "This partnership is an exciting opportunity to assist vulnerable Australians, and their loved ones, in a time of need. Your Wills is easily accessible from anywhere, allowing all Australians to complete their Will from the comfort of their own home. The Will is legally recognised once witnessed.
"The partnership between AIA Australia and Your Wills is aimed at encouraging all Australians to look after their financial wellbeing. AIA Australia currently insures millions of Australians and the partnership with Your Wills bridges the gap between insurance, superannuation, Wills and Estate Planning for a comprehensive asset protection approach," he said.
"Nothing provides ultimate peace of mind like having a legally recognised Will.  We like the old adage – 'Plant the Seed for the Tree you will never see'. Asset protection for your loved ones is key," Mr Wickremasingha said.
The partnership will begin later in 2021.To celebrate the launch, AIA Vitality members will receive a significant discount to complete their Will online.
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Your Wills:         Aruna Wickremasingha
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About Your Wills
Your Wills was launched in 2019 and has grown dramatically in the past 12 months as Australians have taken advantage of the convenience of creating a Will online. It offers is a living Will solution, so as your circumstances change, so should your Will.
The Your Wills Premium Will option allows for customers to easily make changes – avoiding having to start their Will document from scratch each time their circumstances change.
In addition, Your Wills offers national Law firm support for clients with questions about their Will. The first 15 minutes of any consultation is free.
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About AIA Australia
AIA Australia is a leading life insurance specialist with over 48 years' experience and a commitment to help Australians live healthier, longer, better lives. In 2014 the company launched AIA Vitality, a world leading, science-based health and wellbeing program, to the Australian market. In July 2017, AIA and its partners launched AIA's health insurance business, now known as AIA Health Insurance.
In 2021, CommInsure Life was integrated into AIA Australia. The lives of more than 3.8 million Australians are protected and enhanced through AIA Australia's unique value proposition of life, health and wellbeing. Our vision is to embrace shared value in championing Australia and New Zealand to be the healthiest and best protected nations in the world.
AIA Australia has been recognised with multiple awards, including the Women in Finance Employer of the Year Award (2018, 2019), Super Review's Best Insurer of the Year (2018, 2019), iSelect Partner Awards Insurer of the Year (2019), Insurance Asia International Life Insurer of the Year (Australia, 2020), Shared Value Awards Corporate Organisation Leading Through Shared Value (2019) and Shared Value Awards Organisation of the Year (2020).
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