Underwriting support

*This may include the need to provide a copy of the privacy policy applicable to your business (and if necessary the privacy policies of your authorising Australian financial services licensee and relevant insurers). Please obtain your own advice in this respect, if required. If you will be submitting this form to AIA Australia, please also ensure that you provide a copy of AIA Australia’s privacy policy to the client together with the form before the client completes it. AIA Australia’s privacy policy is available via a link at www.aia.com.au.

Claims support

Before sending an AIA Australia claim form to your client, we encourage you to review the policy schedule to ensure that the claim condition is eligible under the policy. Nurse home visits are available for your clients without the need for completion of these claim forms.
This can be arranged by getting in touch with our AIA Australia claims department on 1800 033 490. Nurse home visits are available in:
  • Melbourne/Geelong, Bendigo Area
  • Sydney Metro Area
  • Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast Area
  • Adelaide/Mt Gambier
  • Perth/Bunbury
To help make the claims process easier, here are the common claims forms requested to help with lodging a client claim. For any additional forms or questions please contact us at au.retail.claims@aia.com
You will also need to provide the Electronic Funds Transfer form and Certified ID when you lodge any of these claims forms. There may be further requirements that you need to supply and will advise you of what these are once you have lodged a claim.
Download Electronic Funds Transfer form and Certified ID Guide here. 
If you are lodging a claim for Involuntary Unemployment Benefit you will need to supply both the Involuntary Unemployment Benefit form and the Statutory Declaration, along with the Electronic Funds Transfer form and a copy of your Certified ID.