AIA Australia launches market-leading member insurance portal to pay claims quicker

1 July 2024 dot 3 min read
Melbourne, 1 July 2024  AIA Australia, a leading life, health, and wellbeing insurer, has unveiled its new cutting-edge Member Insurance Portal, providing a streamlined insurance experience for group insurance customers.
With a focus on optimising the claims experience, the digital journey has been expanded to provide members with the ability to track their claim throughout the entire lifecycle, ensuring transparency and simplicity in what can be a complex and confronting time in a member’s life.

One of the key features of the new portal is the ability for members to receive real-time updates on the status of their claims. Additionally, the portal allows for instant document uploads and integrated digital ID verification, reducing administrative burdens for trustees, and allowing faster decisions on claims.
Personalised content is made available to members, through relevant, simple articles that ensure they are informed and educated on insurance, and supported through every step in their claims journey.
The Member Insurance Portal also offers secure digital access for solicitors, carers, and other third-party representatives, allowing them to efficiently handle and track claims on behalf of members. Multi-factor authentication ensures security and privacy.
Anthony Clough, Chief Group Insurance Officer at AIA, said he was thrilled to introduce the enhancements to the digital delivery.
"At AIA, we’re committed to continuous improvement and positive member outcomes. Our investment in uplifting our Member Insurance Portal is a part of our digital strategy and a testament to our dedication to supporting claimants during their most vulnerable times,” Clough said.
“We acknowledge the pivotal role insurers play in providing solutions that give members the confidence to claim. That's why we've invested in uplifting our claims experience.”
Super fund HESTA praised the new insurance portal as an exciting development in their digital insurance offering. HESTA has noted an increase in usage of 100 per cent, and a reduction in queries to claims call centres by 40 per cent.
HESTA’s Chief Experience Officer, Lisa Samuels, stated: “Our members’ needs are at the heart of our services, so we’re always focused on how we can deliver better member outcomes and experiences.”
“We know making an insurance claim is a crucial moment for our members. This insurance portal uplift is an exciting development that can provide members with an enhanced digital experience and support them to track the progress of their claims every step of the way.
“We’re pleased to see there was a significant increase in the number of HESTA members lodging their claim online through the portal,” Samuels said.
Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC), the $70bn super fund serving over 750,000 customers across the Australian Public Service and Australian Defence Force, has also implemented AIA’s new member insurance portal and seen stronger engagement with claimants since the introduction.
Adam Nettheim, Chief Customer Officer at CSC, said the portal is about giving reassurance to customers. It is now easier for CSC to guide customers in understanding their insurance needs, with the portal also allowing them autonomy in managing documents and tracking claims—something that has also improved internal efficiencies.
“Making a claim due to sickness or injury is naturally stressful for members, and AIA portal’s clear direction and real-time updates are helping alleviate the emotional burden of having a claim assessed. The AIA education modules are also a valuable resource for instilling confidence in our customers, and empowering them to make sound financial decisions,” said Mr Nettheim.
The market leading portal is also expected to enhance APRA time to decision, improve operating efficiencies for both AIA and super funds.
The upgraded portal has also been rolled out to Vanguard, and marks a significant step forward in AIA Australia's mission to ensure members are supported through their claims journey.
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