We're here to support you

It's not just about paying valid claims.

We're here to assist and support clients' return to life.

In your client's moments of need, we're here

In 2023 we paid over $2.3 billion in claims across our Retail, Group and Direct insurance policies to our customers in their times of need. That averages out to over $46 million per week.

Our claims philosophy

When one of your clients has to make a claim, it’s a challenging time for them. The one thing they need from their insurer is knowing their claim will be paid, and promptly. We handle each claim with the sensitivity and professionalism your clients deserve.
Our claims are designed to pay all valid claims as quickly as possible and to deliver certainty to your clients when they need it most.

Key claim stats

Australia’s health report - Leading cause of claims
1 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s ‘Australia’s health 2022 In Brief’ report
Average age of an AIA Australia claimant
The unexpected can happen at any time, that’s why recommending a full suite of cover is important.

Claims Stories

Support getting back to life with Rehabilitation

Paying a claim is not all that’s offered to claimants. Every client’s situation is different at claim time and our Rehabilitation team can help get clients back to Life.
Our rehabilitation service consists of one of the largest and most experienced rehabilitation teams in the life insurance industry. Offering world-class occupational rehabilitation to support customers on their return to work and wellness after illness or injury.

How AIA Australia's Rehabilitation works

Our team works collaboratively with clients and medical professionals, providing:
  • graded exercise programs   
  • wellness programs
  • modification of work environments
  • re-skilling or re-training
  • career advice and redirection
  • work-related counselling
AIA Rehabilitation supports clients to:
  • improve their health
  • re-engage with the community
  • return to work
  • achieve their longer-term financial goals