Underwriting and Claims Commitments

We want Australians to take comfort in the knowledge that we are there when they need us most. Whether your client is a new applicant, a frontline healthcare worker or currently on claim, we’re committed to supporting and protecting them.

Underwriting new clients

We want Australians to take comfort in the knowledge that we are there when they need us most. There are no exclusions for COVID-19 in any of our policies.
We will consider all applications for insurance based on individual circumstances and disclosures.
Applicants who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 will be considered for cover upon full recovery with no complications.
For applicants who have returned from any overseas country or have been in contact with someone confirmed to have COVID-19, we will wait until they have met the isolation period requirements imposed by the Australian Government, and ensure that they have not tested positive for COVID-19 prior to issuing cover.
As this is a rapidly evolving situation, we will continue to monitor developments and determine whether we need to adjust our approach to assessing applications, to ensure that we provide the best possible outcomes in all instances.
If you have any further questions regarding AIA Australia’s underwriting position during this time, please contact your State Underwriting team.

Underwriting frontline healthcare workers

AIA Australia supports the industry’s commitment to ensure that frontline healthcare workers are not prevented from obtaining life insurance cover purely because of their exposure, or potential exposure, to COVID-19.
You can find more information on the commitment here.
Anyone applying for an individually underwritten life insurance policy who has one of the listed frontline roles will be able to take up cover up to the sum insured limits below, without any declines, exclusions or premium loadings based on exposure or potential exposure to COVID-19, subject to the following:
  • our normal underwriting process and rules will apply for health conditions unrelated to COVID-19
  • applicants who have tested positive for COVID-19 and not yet recovered, or who are waiting for a test result, will not be immediately eligible for cover.