AIA Vitality for corporates

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About AIA Vitality

AIA Vitality for corporates* is now offered free to employers and their employees (subject to eligibility criteria) with an AIA group insurance policy.

AIA Vitality is a personalised, science-backed health and wellbeing program that can support your employees to make healthier lifestyle choices every day. It helps them understand the current state of their health, provides tools to improve it and offers great incentives to keep them motivated on their journey. These include lifestyle rewards and savings on everyday expenses.

Helping employees live healthier, longer, better lives

AIA Australia, our vision is to embrace shared value in championing Australia to be the healthiest and most protected nation in the world.

Our 5590+ insights tell us that by focusing on and improving five modifiable behavioural risk factors – physical inactivity, poor nutrition, smoking, excess alcohol and our interaction with the environment – we can assist to prevent five major non-communicable diseases – cancer, diabetes, respiratory diseases, heart disease and mental health conditions and disorders.

In line with this and staying true to our purpose to make a difference in people’s lives, we are reimagining life insurance. We believe it is our social responsibility to move away from simply being a payer of claims, to partner with our customers and Australians more broadly – providing early support and focusing on disease prevention.

What is AIA Vitality?

AIA Vitality is a powerful employee engagement tool

  • 9 in 10 employees surveyed agreed that AIA Vitality is a great employee benefit.
  • 81.2% reported increased productivity at work, and employees engaging in AIA Vitality are 3.6 days more productive, which equates to approximately $1,055 per employee pa*.
  • The more engaged an employee is in AIA Vitality, the less likely they are to claim on the company’s life insurance policy. There are 74% fewer claims by employees when they engage with the program at a moderate level.
  • AIA Vitality Points thresholds offer far more powerful incentives than health guidelines.

It improves employee health outcomes

  • 78% of engaged employees believe AIA Vitality positively impacted their stress levels
  • 76.3% agree they consider themselves healthier now than before joining the AIA Vitality program
  • 84.2% of surveyed employees agree they’ve become more physically active since joining the AIA Vitality program
  • The more engaged an employee is in AIA Vitality, the less likely they are to claim. 60% less likely with Bronze status and 74% less likely when engaged moderately with Silver status

And it improves business performance and productivity

  • 6.5% increase in employee productivity
  • 25% lower absenteeism for engaged employees
  • 35% lower turnover rates for engaged employees
*Corporate AIA Vitality Efficacy study 2019

How it works for employers

Once your eligible AIA group insurance policy is issued, you will be provided with AIA Vitality T&C’s to view and accept. 

You will receive instructions and engagement tools from AIA Vitality with templates and guides to launch AIA Vitality.

Using the marketing toolkit provided, you can reference the key benefits of the program.

You will receive engagement data, trends and insights through AIA Vitality reporting, that can inform area of success and improvement activity to focus on.

Corporate engagement tools

How it works for employees

Employees click on the ‘Activate Now’ button in their email from AIA Vitality and set a password.

Employees download the AIA Vitality app from the App Store or Google Playstore to access the program.

Your employees can earn AIA Vitality Points from the moment they activate their membership.

Level up the rewards when they level up their status, including cashback on flights and access to the Apple Watch Benefit.

Get your staff on AIA Vitality for corporates today

AIA Vitality for corporates* is available to eligible employers with an AIA group insurance policy. Employers are supported through each step of the onboarding process with administration, engagement tools, wellbeing content and reporting.

For more information on eligibility, or to find out how you can take the next step in supporting your employees’ health and wellbeing, please contact us below.

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*The product offered in AIA Vitality for corporates, is AIA Vitality Starter. AIA Vitality Starter is an introductory program, with similar benefits and rewards to AIA Vitality.