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With the Saints and AIA Financial Wellbeing

Saints and AIA Financial Wellbeing Partnership

We’ve partnered with AIA Financial Wellbeing so that St Kilda members can receive financial advice for help in making financial decisions.

AIA Financial Wellbeing can offer you financial advice for your protection, superannuation and wealth planning needs, across a range of product providers.

You only pay for the advice you receive, whenever you need it. And when life changes, you can decide to get more advice - it's up to you.

About AIA Financial Wellbeing

AIA Financial Wellbeing is part of AIA Australia. With almost 4 million customers, AIA Australia has been protecting the lifestyles of Australians since 1972.

AIA Financial Wellbeing focuses on helping people reach their financial goals – from working singles, to couples and families.

Whether you need guidance in making a financial decision or a structured financial plan, the advice you receive will be tailored to your financial objectives and needs.

And the earlier you start planning, the sooner you’ll know whether you’re on track to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals, or whether you need to change them. The small choices you make today can have a significant impact over time.

Advice on your terms, when and how you want it

How it works – Advice in 5 steps

An AIA Financial Wellbeing Financial Planner can talk to you to understand your needs and discuss how advice may benefit you.

You’ll start by talking on the phone with a team member at AIA Financial Wellbeing, where you’ll outline your current position and financial and lifestyle goals. AIA Financial Wellbeing may also discuss, or invite you to apply for, life insurance, income protection or health insurance, to protect what matters to you.

Next, an AIAFW financial planner will meet with you to discuss your objectives and needs, and the options that may be available to you. They will also explain the fees if you wish to receive personal, tailored advice.

If you decide you want to receive tailored advice, you’ll pay an agreed advice fee. This will depend on the complexity of the advice you need (see next tab – A Guide to Costs)

With your AIAFW financial planner’s advice and further research, your personalised plan will be prepared, called a ‘Statement of Advice (SoA)’.

Your AIAFW planner will talk you through their recommendations in the SoA.

They will then discuss next steps and how the advice may be implemented.

If you want to proceed with the advice, your AIAFW financial planner will help you implement it.

You can come back at any time if you need / want more advice in the future. 

A guide to costs

Your first appointment with an AIAFW Financial Planner is complimentary and is about understanding your goals and current financial position – to explore how financial advice may benefit you, and your unique circumstances. For this reason, this appointment is complimentary. Costs will be detailed upfront.

The fees are scaled depending on the complexity of the financial advice you need. They range from $600 - $5,000 (+ GST).

It’s then up to you to decide whether you would like to receive advice from AIAFW.

How to book your first appointment

You can take steps to improve your financial situation at any time in your life. The AIA Customer Service Team is here to help.

You can call 1800 434 044 between 8:30am - 5:30pm AEST, Monday to Friday or you can request an obligation-free callback.